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17 Day Diet Makes You Fit

The 17 Day Diet works with these extra tips….. Vary the intensity of your cardio workout. “Steady state” cardio is not as useful, unless you’re training for a long – distance race. By changing up the intensity you boost your metabolism far more. Find cardio you like . It may seem obvious, but if you hate to run, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to lace up your Nikes every morning. Try a new activity like kickboxing, biking through trails, or a “boot camp” style aerobics routine. You might actually find yourself enjoying your cardio and not just the rush of endorphins you get after. Strengthening and Weight Training Weight training is a necessary complement to cardio if you want a strong and healthy erection. Cutting Fat on the 17 Day Diet Cut fat and add muscle with full – body resistance workouts twice a week. This will raise your metabolic rate, giv e you more energy, and boost your testosterone level — all necessary for stellar sexual performance. Each of these resistance workouts should target the major muscle groups in your arms, torso, and legs. Do 12 reps with a manageable weight. If the last rep isn’t seriously difficult, you’ll know need to add a few more pounds. Remember that these workouts should be difficult . No pain, no gain, right? You can also perform specific strengthening exercises that work the “sex muscles,” bolstering the core and abductor muscles of the thighs while limbering up your lower back and hamstrings with the 17 Day Diet. The side lunge is a great exercise for targeting these regions. Begin with your feet slightly apart, and tighten your abs. Learn more at and a large step sideways with your left foot, keeping your right foot straight, and bend your left knee. Make sure that your foot is pointing straight in front of you. As you lunge, bend your upper body towards your left thigh and touch your left foot with both hands. Go back to your starting position, straighten your leg, and repeat on the other side. Do 10 on each leg. (Note: proper form is necessary on this one to protect your knees. If you feel a twinge, save it until you can see a trainer). The c rossover stretch feels great and loosens up your lower back muscles. Lie on your back and bend one knee to 90 degrees, crossing it over the other, straight leg. Pull that bent knee towards the floor, if it isn’t there already, and stretch you the opposite arm. 17 Day Diet Makes You Fit Keep your head and shoulders on the floor and look to your opposite hand. Hold it for about 45 seconds before switching sides. You should feel a great stretch through your torso. Stretching and Yoga Stretching and yoga are incredibly important to cut stress, increase blood flow, and add to your full – body erection – boosting workout regimen. Add these stretches and yoga moves to your daily routine. Hint: find the best time of day to do them for you. Some people find that yoga is a great start to their day , clearing their mind and giving them that great, loosey – goosey feeling in their bodies before a long day at the office. Learn more at