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Cooler Information: Done Like Dinner

In order to receive food from Done Like Dinner, there must be a quality cooler placed in the delivery drop-off zone. Below are a list of frequently asked questions with regards to cooler usage and standards.

How does this cooler thing work?

The cooler is for health and safety reasons. In order to keep your dinner cold until you arrive home from work or errands the food must be placed into a cooler to regulate temperature. If your cooler has been tampered with do not consume the contents.

You will be prompted at checkout to specify a “drop-off zone” which is where we will drop-off your dinner, and should also be where the cooler is placed. If no drop-off zone is specified we will place the dinner at your front door in plastic dinnerware sets. If you do not have a cooler or the time to purchase one from a store you can purchase one at checkout.

Once we have placed dinner in your cooler we will put a sticker on the outside of your cooler, to mark that dinner has arrived!

Do I need a cooler?

We offer the cooler as a convenience to families or individuals who may not be home during the drop-off times.. making your life that much easier!

Where do I purchase My Cooler?

Coolers can be purchased at checkout. Simply add your dinner to your order and proceed to your cart, once there you will see an Order Summary and a box prompting you to purchase your Done Like Dinner cooler.

If there is no cooler when my dinner is dropped off, what happens?

If no cooler is provided in the specified drop-off zone Done Like Dinner will not leave your dinner and you will not be refunded the cost of the meal. Please ensure you leave the cooler for us to leave your dinner.If it is hot out, how do you keep my food cold?

If it is hot out, please remember to place a cooler pack in your cooler to keep your DLD dinner nice and cool.